The last Shangri La

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At Distinct Destinations we understand that “enhanced experiences transform into distinct memories and those memories later manifest as knowledge”. The source of each of our uniquely designed experiences is our prized Knowledge Repository. Years and years of immersive local experiences has allowed us to develop our panel of local operators and as a result produced substantial data to regularly upgrade each of our travel products.

About Bhutan

Small but mighty, drastic in beauty but humble in charm, Bhutan is a country which gets under your skin almost instantly.
With an attractive patchwork of landscapes, laidback towns, lush mountains and lifeblood rivers, it’s a country where global influence is less, where nature is at its most untouched, and where traditional Buddhist culture still thrives. It’s the kind of place where nature and the buzz of life seem to hide just to surprise you in the most unexpected places, where life does not run but only walks and where those who arrive are welcomed with humble and warm pleasure.


■ Admire the Himalaya’s on a 4 hour trek to the Tiger Nest Monastery.
■ Be a Bhutanese at Simply Bhutan.
■ A private visit to the Dzongs ( fortess ) of Punakha & Paro.
■ Appreciate the mask dancers in wonderful costumes performing their mystical dances over cocktails in outdoors overlooking the snow capped peaks and lush valleys.
■ Host your prayer flag and witness the most splendid views of the snow-covered Himalayas from Dochula pass.
■ For those with adrenaline rush take a moderate rafting trip with Bhutan’s most beautiful monastery in background or enjoy a mountain biking at the Chele la Pass.
■ Hone you Archery skills in guidance of a local archer.

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