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TERRAEVENTS Spain is a highly experienced Destination Management Company based in Spain, specialized in the organization and management of Events, Meetings & Incentives. Headquartered in Barcelona, with a branch office in Madrid our team knows every little corner of the country inside out and will share with you its secrets and hidden treasures creating unforgettable experiences.

The recently rebranded TERRAEVENTS Spain counts on a team which has been part of one of the leading DMCs in Spain; from its outset more than eleven years ago, they have been serving clients’ needs for a diversity of events including major incentive programs, meetings, conventions, product launches. Their professionalism, ethical approach to business and that special element of the human touch will certainly make your event planning both easy and fun!

We cover all the country and Canary Island being as a part of our main portfolio the following Spanish cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Málaga - Marbella-Costa del Sol, Mallorca, La Rioja, Ibiza & Seville.

Terra Events Spain has been one of the Spanish DMC leaders for over 11 years from its outset serving clients needs in incentives, meetings, convention, product launches and events.

All of our team members are local experts and are on the ground every day uncovering the best area has to offer allowing us to design tailored experiences that meet your objectives. We have dedicated partnerships with 500+ in-destination hotel and service providers in more than 10 Spanish destinations. We know who and what offers the most memorable places and services putting our buying power to work to deliver solid, cost efficient and proven solutions to meet your budgetary requirements.

TERRAEVENTS Spain has a library of 100+ tour and activity options mainly in Barcelona & Madrid and the rest of Spain, customized to each client’s objectives, budget and demographics. This library is continuously updated as new happenings come on-line in the city and we remove options if our ongoing performance evaluations indicate that a particular activity is no longer up to standard. We have a number of exclusive and behind the scenes offerings not available to the general public. Terra Events Spain is an approved client for the main Barcelona & Madrid attractions.

About Spain

Spain is a country of large geographical and cultural diversity – here you will find a tapestry of lush meadows, green valleys, hills and snowy mountains in the Northern regions to almost desert zones in the South. Spain's long, sandy Atlantic beaches and cozy Mediterranean coves are rightly famous, from the wide, white sand beaches on the South and Western parts of the country, and even the exotic black sand beaches of the volcanic Canary Islands.

Spain’s capital, Madrid, is characterised by distinctly winding streets, all of which seem to be heading either up or down and gather in the central square in the centre of the city. To the south, Barcelona, is the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, defined by quirky art and architecture, imaginative food and vibrant street life.
The country offers a wide plethora of attractions: Spain has cathedrals of every stripe, from Gaudi's modern masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, a place of international pilgrimage. There are 1,000-year-old mosques – the Mezquita in Cordoba is unique in Europe and has been a World Heritage Site since 1984.

If you fancy some more excitement, there are some mind-blowing water parks – the Lago Martianez is an oasis of sea water, palms, and volcanic rock in Tenerife, bringing waterparks to the level of art (and fun). Indeed, there’s plenty to do, from world-class wineries, an endearing culture of flamenco dancing and fiestas, a gastronomic paradise with its paella and tapas bars amongst its long list of culinary delights, and of course, spain is home to some of the world’s most colourful and joyous festivals.

A large, culturally diverse country, it boasts breathtaking panoramic vistas, friendly people, great cuisine, fine wines and plenty of sun, sea and sand. From Spain’s big modern cities to its sleepy villages or world-class resorts, there is a wealth of things to see and do wherever you go in this fascinating country.

Spain Highlights

Select from an eclectic plethora of historic cities, diverse landscapes and wildlife, art and cultural history, thrilling festivals, bodied wines and delicious food from all over Spain. Yet our top five would have to be:

■ Alhambra in Granada
Granada, in Eastern Andalusia, was the last place in Spain to be re-conquered by the Catholics after hundreds of years of Moorish rule in 1492, and it still retains a Moorish atmosphere. The jewel in the crown is the elegant and peaceful palace and gardens of the Alhambra, originally built as a fortress and later converted into a royal palace by Yusuf I, Sultan of Granada. It is a complex of buildings decorated with Arabic inscriptions, and gardens with rectangular courtyards, fountains and tree-lined walkways. The winding streets of Albaicín on a steep hillside facing the Alhambra lead to houses and old churches built on mosques, and magnificent views of the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada mountains.

■ Buzzing Barcelona
For art and culture, nightlife and shopping, it's got to be Barcelona. The capital of Catalonia (Catalunya) is a cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean coast, with an ancient history: the Barrio Gótico (the Gothic quarter) is the site of the original Roman city. Don't miss Antoni Gaudí's fantastical (unfinished) La Sagrada Familia Cathedral and Parc Güell, the Picasso Museum (his early work) and the Joan Miró Foundation. There are great shops, great bars (and tapas) and great clubs either side of the famous avenue called Las Ramblas.

■ Toledo
Perched on a mountaintop in central Spain, Toledo served as the Spanish capital until the 16th century. Because it was inhabited by Jews, Christians and Muslims for many centuries, the city is sometimes called the “City of Three Cultures.” Today, Toledo is a popular destination for its wealth of historic art and architecture that dates back to the Roman Empire. The best thing to do in Toledo is to get lost amid the medieval streets and admire the old architecture that includes a stunning cathedral, synagogue and mosque.

■ The Catalonia region, in northeastern Spain, is known for the lively beach resorts of Costa Brava, the Pyrenees mountains and as home to surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. Barcelona, the regional capital, has an ancient Gothic Quarter, La Rambla pedestrian mall and several beaches. Antoni Gaudí’s distinctive architecture can be seen at the Sagrada Família basilica and in the colorful mosaics of Park Güell.

■ The centre of the country displays a completely different Spain, more traditional and quiet, a landscape of endlessly wide plains, austere cities, fortresses, Roman churches and the famous Windmills of the story of don Quijote, this is Castile. Cities worth visiting are: Avila, Cuenca, Toledo, Salamanca, and Segovia, most of these cities have been declared by UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

What Industry Says...

"TERRAEVENTS Spain offered great support and prepared a comprehensive itinerary for me during my site inspection to Spain in 2019. During the lead up to my travel, TERRAEVENTS was readily available, and the overall outcome of the site inspection was efficient and effective. With limited time on ground, every minute was accounted for to ensure a suitable programme was designed for our client. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 this event did not proceed, however I’m positive under different circumstances, it would be been a huge success..." Australian based PCO, 2019

Location information

Spain is a stunning and diverse country, sharing its northeast borders with France and the tiny principality of Andorra. To the West its limits are defined by the Balearic Islands located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. Its Southern most territories are the picturesque Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla located in the North of Africa. This is why travelling to Spain is likely to be a enriching experience since tourism in the country offers a wide variety of destinations, activities and landscapes. Spain is full of variety, offering distinct regional cultures and very different geographical terrain. Its people include the Basques, Catalonians, and Galicians all of whom have their own language and customs. The topography includes barren arid plains, snowcapped alpine mountains, sunny coasts along with lush islands; the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic, and the Balearic Islands, in the Mediterranean Sea.

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