The last great adventure on earth

Asian Trails is a destination management company and has established a network which covers all major Asian tourist destinations, with offices in all strategic inbound tourism centres throughout South East Asia. Asian Trails provides quality destination services to multi-lingual clients at competitive rates.

Under the partial ownership of the Fairfax Group / Thomas Cook India since 2017, Asian Trails successfully maintains a business formula believing that their entrepreneurial personnel are the heart of their tremendous success, the DNA of Asian Trails.

Asian Trails offers a varied product line covering hotels, coach tours, private tours, car rentals, airport transfers, soft adventure tours, cruises, Harley Davidson motorcycle tours, home-stay, biking tours, self-drive package tours and lifestyle packages as well as cooking classes, spa holiday, golfing, private villas, private jets, incentives and luxury train journeys.

About Indonesia

One of the last outposts of the planet, Indonesia is a country of vast diversity. From the everlasting jungles of Papua New Guinea to the life teeming metropolis of Jakarta, Indonesia is set for explorers of all kinds.

The largest archipelago in the world with approximately 17,000 islands many of the home to a unique animal kingdom such as the mighty Komodo Dragons, the human of the forest “Orangutan” or the endangered Sumatra Tiger. Not only on land is Indonesia impressive, below the surface are some of the best dive spots in the world found, still await to be explored.

With more than 356 languages the country is a diversity of tribe and religion. The jungle people still living in deep harmony in the jungle of Kalimantan, to the unique Hindus of Bali, where even the tourist can’t stop the deeply religious and tradition mind people of the dream island in the vast archipelago.

Indonesia Highlights

Indonesia offers an incredibly diverse range of natural and cultural wonders. With thousands of islands offering an incredible choice of terrain, Indonesia has a wealth of opportunities for the adventure traveller. From smoking volcanic peaks and roaring river rapids to some of the best diving and surfing spots in the world, the country offers an unbeatable choice of outdoor activities for everyone, regardless of skill, age or prowess. And with around 70% of the archipelago covered in water, Indonesia boasts one of the richest and most diverse marine and coastal wetland environments in the world.

■ Yogyakarta:
Still at home in the city is the last of many Sultans, making sure his city remains the cultural heart of Indonesia. With the largest Buddhist Temple in the world close by, Yogyakarta remains till today a treasure for culture experts and explores. Scattered colonial buildings gives the city the scent of old days, and the many artist settled in the city creates a unique walk from the old Batik styles of art till young artist experimenting with new styles.

■ Komodo:
Home to the mighty lizards and islands of the coast of the Spice island “Flores” is the Komodo island. Being preserved under a National park the island is home to not only the largest lizard in the world but also a unique animal kingdom below the surface. Offering experiences above the surface as well as below the crystal clear waters of the Lintah Strait.

■ UNESCO Ricefields of Jatiluwih:
Said to be one of the most beautiful sights on the island of Bali, the rice terraces of Jatiluwih, came famous after UNESCO out it on its watch list of the world wonders. Green as far as the eye can see, the sight is surely, a place to be visited. Best way to see the rice fields would be by bicycle to really enjoy the true beauty.

■ Rinjani Trekking on Lombok:
Being on the ring of fire, Indonesia is home to some 75 active volcanoes. On the island of Lombok stands the impressive “Rinjani” with its 3,726 meter the giant is reachable for a trekkers, ready for a challenge. A two-three day trekking will load you with stunning views, unique experiences and lifetime memories. At the bottom of the crater is the turquoise green lake, with its healing hot springs and a welcome break.

■ Toraja Land in Sulawesi:
Said to be the stairway to the kingdom of the gods, the Toraja Land hidden in the mountains of Sulawesi is home to unique “Aluk To Dolo” believers. The people living in on the plateau of Toraja is known throughout the world for their strong ties with the Ancestors, magical powers and a culture remembered in every move made by each individual throughout their lives.


■ VW Ralley:
Explore Bali in the soft topped VW Kuebelwagon, challenged by your colleagues the driver navigates the open car along small country roads and through sleepy villages, filled with smiling children. Rallies adapts to your needs, but is for use set to be an eye opener for the true beauty and unexplored Bali.

■ Dinner at Potato Head Beach Club:
Overlooking the great Indian Ocean the trendsetter restaurant Potato head is the first of its kind outside Jakarta. With a menu create by some of the best Indonesia “chefs” the beach club I ready to twist and turn your reception of Indonesia foods.

■ Temple dinner at Taman Ayun:
Floating on a pond is the Taman Ayun, set for a majestic dinner venue. Lead by a procession of traditional dress women and the gamelan orchestra, you enter the temple gate lit by oil lamps and the Panjor poles. Inside the temple, dances telling the stories of ancestors and gods, is preformed while the Balinese serve you with the best from the local kitchen.

■ River Rafting:
Fun, action and splashes for everyone is set once you rafting on the river of Ayung in the middle of the heart of Bali. Along the two hour trip, you enjoy some of the magnificent nature Bali has to offer, river bangs fill with tropical forest and a rich animal life comes to display. Rapids, twists and turns make sure everyone makes the finish point with large smiles and wet clothes…

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Location information

Officially the Republic of Indonesia, it comprises of 17,508 islands and shares land borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia. The country stretches 5,100 km along the equator between Australia and Asia and is bordered by the Pacific and Indian Oceans at the Equator. With a fascinating, colourful and sometimes tumultuous past, Indonesia is a place of rich and diverse culture. Indonesia is "Ultimate in Diversity". While much of Indonesia's allure lies in its rich cultural tapestry and untamed wilderness, its cities and resorts are also famed for world-class visitor facilities. Divers are a fast growing breed of special visitors to Indonesia's many shores. If temples, volcanoes and beaches are your thing ,then travelling in Indonesia is also your thing. You just might not know it yet. It’s an archipelago of islands, with new cultures, food and experiences every time you switch islands.

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