A richly historical land awaits

After being active on an executive level in the travel and MICE industry for 15 years, Sadik Caglar and Hasan Dinc decided to establish their own company on a new philosophy which has been the key to ODS Turkey's success and growth in the Destination Management & Congress business.

Our business philosophy, based on everything we learned in our 25 years of organising over 1,000 meetings and events, has proved exceedingly successful and carried our company among the leading destination management companies and professional event planners in Turkey.

We can provide a high level of commitment to our clients concentrating on flexibility, sensitivity and above all, a very personal service. In an ever-changing industry, we pride ourselves on having the ability to adapt to any situation, new technology and most importantly, the individual requirements of our clients.

Four core principles of our business philosophy:
■ Partnership is the key to success
■ It’s all about people
■ A successful event lies in the details
■ Excellence is the only acceptable outcome.

About Turkey

Turkey was the meeting point of the three world’s great civilizations, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, former center of Christendom, the crossroads of Asia and Europe. This land of seas, mountain ranges, high plateaus and fertile river valleys is the dividing line between the Orient and the Occident.

With its diverse landscapes, lifestyles and spirit of synthesis, Turkey links Europe to Asia. Different religions have co-existed in Turkey for hundreds of years and the country is one of the rare examples where people with different beliefs have lived peacefully side by side.

Turkish culture combines ancient artefacts, a living folklore and a modern soul. Every region in Turkey has its own charms. The visitor can enjoy a range of lifestyles, from unspoiled nature to urban living, while still missing out on none of the facilities of a well developed tourism industry.

Turkey Highlights

■ Istanbul
The city which never sleeps, a place where East meets West, stands on two continents . The joy of history, art, entertainment and hopping. For thousands of years, Istanbul has embraced three great religions and many different cultures, and is today the scene of an endless succession of festivals and cultural activities.

■ Bodrum
The Land of Eternal blue , great blend of lively beach resorts, places of historical interest and Never ending fun. Bodrum is one of the most prominent tourism and entertainment centers of the world with its natural, historical and cultural endowments and its highly attractive bohemian way of life.

■ Cappadocia
Valley of fairy chimneys, Extraordinary land, astonishing underground cities combining unique and beautiful fairy chimneys & natural features with a fascinating cultural and historical past. Hittites, Byzantines, and early Christians established important landmarks here, as did Mother Nature with her stunning erosion of the soft volcanic deposits creating dramatic cliffs, valleys, cones, and “fairy chimneys”.

■ Antalya
Magnificence of Mediterranean coast, the city with it all history, nature, culture and night life. Antalya, Turkey’s principal holiday resort is an attractive city with shady palm-lined boulevards and seven star glorious resorts.

■ Ephesus
The best-preserved ancient site in the world, which extends back into the third millennium B.C., Ephesus was one the most important centers of antiquity. The remains of this important Ionian city are standing miraculously today, vivid witnesses of a glorious past


■ Hot-air Ballooning
A voyage unique to the Cappadocian region. An experience unlike any other as you race with the doves through the sky’s shades of blue...

■ Bosphorus Cruise with a private boat
An unforgettable excursion starts between two continents; Europe and Asia. The cruise takes you along the Bosphorus, past the European style palaces of The Ottomans, Dolmabahce and Beylerbeyi, as well as beautiful wooden kiosks from 19th century.

■ Uncover the secrets of Topkapı Palace & fish along the side of the Galata Bridge
Topkapi Palace; is the subject of more colourful stories than most of the world’s royal residences put together & Istanbul experience will never be full without fishing on the Galata Bridge, don’t worry on the fishing equipment they will be already for you.

■ Shopping experience at Grand Bazaar
Satisfy your shopping instincts and don’t be afraid to get lost in the bustle of Grand Bazaar. To make your shop-hopping exercise more special, visit an exclusive design jeweller and a carpet expert and learn the Art of making jewellery and Evaluating an oriental carpet by knots, materials, design, colour, age and condition.

■ Visit of Gallipoli Battlefield
A visit to Gallipoli makes clear to any visitor the horrors of war, where all sides suffer terrible losses. The lessons of Gallipoli cross many oceans, and touch people of many nations.

Location information

Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, this Eurasian country stretches across the Anatolian peninsula in western Asia and Thrace in the Balkan region of southeastern Europe. Turkey is bordered by eight countries: Bulgaria to the northwest; Greece to the west; Georgia to the northeast; Armenia, Azerbaijan (the exclave of Nakhchivan) and Iran to the east; and Iraq and Syria to the southeast. The Mediterranean Sea and Cyprus are to the south; the Aegean Sea to the west; and the Black Sea is to the north. A well-hidden treasure of Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey offers a rich history, sandy beaches, wide variety of climate and landscapes, and endless activities to pursue. Famous baths, shopping, river rafting, skiing, scuba diving, cruising, trekking, hot air ballooning and even camel wrestling. You can travel thousands of years back in time at the historical sites, enjoy the works of nature, or simply indulge your taste-buds.

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