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Supporting the Arts

Aug 2020 | posted by Tourism Portfolio
What is 'The Arts'? By definition it is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, appreciated primarily for beauty or emotional power - a painting, music, literature, or dance.
Like our own industry, arts and entertainment are also suffering due to COVID-19 restrictions. When we can once again travel and plan incentives beyond our borders, we've got some ideas on how you can incorporate 'The Arts' into an incentive program.

Samba Sensations in Rio

Samba is a musical and dance genre, the most famous in Brazil, originating in the city of Rio de Janeiro. For 90 minutes guests will be invited for a samba workshop with a couple of teachers with extensive experience on stage. The class consists of samba history (theory), samba class and practice with teachers and music.  Also possible to add live drumming and music practice for a Samba trio.

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Brazil Dance

A Theatre Dinner in Budapest

The Neo-Renaissance palace designed by Miklós Ybl has been open to opera and ballet lovers for more than one hundred thirty years.  When you next plan a program to Budapest, including a dinner on the Opera Stage is certainly a unique way to appreciate the arts. Dine while viewing the horseshoe-shaped, three-story auditorium, we promise you are not the entertainment!

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Opera Stage Dinner

Subway Art in Stockholm

Why not travel off the beaten path to visit one of Stockholm’s most unique environments – the subway and its art-filled stations. Stockholm’s subway system is 100 km long and considered the world’s longest art exhibition. 90 of the 100 stations hold beautiful art installations.  Touring takes approximately 1.5 hours with a private guide. 

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Subway Art

Fine Art Fining in Ho Chi Min City

The Fine Art Museum, a major art museum in Ho Chi Minh City built in French colonial style is a special venue for a gala dinner.  The space can accommodate up to 100 people.   The museum focuses on collecting, keeping, preserving and displaying fine artworks typical of Vietnamese people, especially Ho Chi Minh City and the South. It comprises three floors of exhibition space, guests are welcomed by beating drum to their dinner.

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Stunt Training in Germany

Film expanded the traditional definition of 'arts', adding a new medium to the previously grouped music, painting, literature and sculpting.  Creativity can be endless with the evolving technology in film!  Some of the most successful films ever made have been action movies and 40 minutes from Berlin, groups can put their movie dreams to the test (and their nerves!) at a Film Studio with a stunt training course.

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Germany Stunt Training

Ballet in St Petersburg

For a Grand Finale to any Russian incentive guests will truly be wowed at one of the most beautiful palaces in the world – Yusupov Palace. Upon arrival, a private tour uncovering the mysteries of Rasputin’s death, followed by a cocktail reception and private ballet or opera performance at a beautiful theatre of the Palace. After the performance guests are invited for a gala dinner at the White Column Hall.

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Russian Ballet

Military Music in Edinburgh

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo takes place at Edinburgh Castle every August, and has done since 1950! Every evening during the Edinburgh Festival, over 8,000 people flock to watch a spectacular display of military prowess and musical talent. Our DMC partner in the UK, K&N Travel can get your group the best seats in the house with private dinner at the castle.

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Edinburgh Tattoo

Show off your Bollywood Moves in Jaipur

Music and movement are some of the most crucial elements to Bollywood, one of India's biggest cultural exports.   Get your group involved and active with a locally run Bollywood Dance Class.

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Bollywood Dance

Sculpting Skills in Tallinn

Sculptor Tauno Kangro is known as a creator of granite and bronze statues, the best selling sculptor in Estonia and a great showman.  At his studio and gallery, groups can take a look at the completed projects, as well as observe the creative process.  A challenge in the studio for groups – make a sculpture of a live model!   Relaxing music, snacks and drinks in an artistic atmosphere will create a welcoming, friendly and fun feeling. The gallery offers two rooms for seminars and receptions for up to 50 guests.  The gallery has a courtyard, which is perfect for barbecues in the summer.

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Estonia Sculptures

Surrounded by Art in Venice

The Scuola Grande is a special building in Venice, northern Italy, its history dates back to 1478.  It is noted for its collection of paintings by Tintoretto and generally agreed to include some of his finest work.  A stunning location for a gala dinner, the décor is sure to wow any attendee. 

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Italy Venue

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