International Incentives Will Be Back

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International Incentives Will Be Back

Sep 2021 | posted by Tourism Portfolio
Have a read through our top 5 reasons to put that incentive trip to New Zealand, Asia or Europe back on the calendar for 2022 and beyond!

Social currency vs actual currency

Our lives are shared online now more than ever, and it is human nature to show off the best bits.  Rare is a person who would post about their cash bonus for all to admire (how obnoxious!), but a trip to New Zealand?  You bet they will share every day of it to their 200+ followers.

Hashtag the incentive trip, encourage tagging the company accounts and you have good memories associated with your brand for positive social media recognition.


Learning is fun!

What is the goal of an incentive?  Sure, it could simply be a reward for a great year, but it could also be a source of education.  Consider incorporating an experience around the industry you work in.  Work in the automotive industry?  Go behind the scenes at Ferrari in Italy or test skills with ice-driving in New Zealand.  Work in agriculture? A farm-to-table experience in Malaysia or a dairy production tour in Laos. How about fashion? Discover tartan weaving mills in Scotland or naturally dye textiles in Thailand.


Be Responsible

Socially responsible that is… Corporate Social Responsibility is a bigger conversation than an annual 10-day incentive trip, however involving employees in some hands-on CSR activities during this time is a positive way to highlight the importance of the company’s commitment to their CSR values.    

Join a local village in Cambodia to plant trees, paint houses and install water pumps, or in Italy spend a day clearing graffiti and repairing a local park for children, or in New Zealand protect native wildlife – opportunities exist everywhere.

Not only is it some warm-fuzzies for the participants in doing something positive for the world, research also shows these acts of CSR result in positive business reputation and employee loyalty, particularly among younger generations.


Teamwork makes the dream work

There is nothing like a bit of friendly competition or problem solving to strengthen the relationship of colleagues.  It also puts communication, creativity and critical thinking skills to the test, giving employees the chance to grow these skills that can be transferred into their everyday work for more productive output… everybody wins!

We’ve seen some amazingly creative options for team-building activities across our portfolio. From a James Bond themed race in Mini’s across London, a Danish-food MasterChef competition in Copenhagen or a series of wine-oriented activities in your own Winery Olympics in Queenstown.


Wellbeing is important

Are the four walls of the office closing in? Sick of your work-from-home space?  Deadlines looming with nothing but more projects on the calendar…  Safe Work Australia estimates the Australian economy loses an estimated $61 billion each year to health-related lost productivity.

Incentives can minimise the risks of anxiety, stress and burnout resulting in missed work, by providing employees a break from the usual work environment.  A change is as good as a holiday they say – especially when it is an actual holiday!

The anticipation and excitement for incentive trips are a strong motivator and having a positive experience on the horizon encourages employees to see the proverbial light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel – a reward for their hard work.  This reward and recognition is often a key factor in fostering company loyalty and long-term employee retention.

When the time is right, Tourism Portfolio is here to facilitate your incentives globally.  We are full of new ideas and would love to share our many years of experience with you to make your next international incentive the most memorable and unique it can possibly be.

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