Favourites of Rio De Janeiro

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Favourites of Rio De Janeiro

Apr 2020 | posted by Tourism Portfolio
Walpax Brazil recently joined Tourism Portfolio's DMC portfolio, expanding TP to our fifth continent! In celebration we've selected some quintessential Brazilian experiences in Rio De Janeiro to share with you - we think they're a must on any program to Brazil.

Carnival Brazil


Dive into the magical world of carnival with a guided visit to the samba school of "Acadêmicos da Grande Rio".  Including a presentation of the exhibition hall, a little about the history of samba and the carnival parades with images and videos.  Entering the environment by dressing up with carnival costumes for photographs. Also with Caipirinhas (national drink) for all and a Samba Demonstration. At the end typical Brazilian feijoada lunch.


Enjoy an evening at Casa das Canoa - a Brazilian colonial-style estate with antique Brazilian furniture and art with an extensive garden space against the backdrop of the stunning mountains of Rio De Janeiro.  Perfect for a gala dinner venue.


Looking for an insider point of view of Rio?  Mostly placed on former public areas on the hillsides, Favela's are home to 20% of Rio's population, however they remain unknown for most people who don't live there. A tour is not only to explain about favelas, but to give a new understanding of Brazilian society.  Opportunities also exist for CSR projects, such as painting a school.


A special location to visit, hold a cocktail event or gala dinner is Sugar Loaf.  At the entrance of Guanabara bay, the Sugar Loaf, Rio's icon, guards the city.  Sugar Loaf is actually two mountains: Urca (224 m high) and Sugar Loaf (396 m high) ingeniously linked by a 2 stage cable car. The first ride takes you to the top of Urca and a fantastic view of the national airport, the bay, forest and Copacabana. A 4 minute ride links the 1st and 2nd stages and at the very top to a perfect view any time of the day but at sunset, it is special and unforgettable!


Meet the locals in a friendly beach soccer match. Inglaterra (guests) vs Brasil (project team) to raise money for the project team (for equipment, uniforms, meals or whatever is needed).  After the game, a big confraternization will happen at a very nice kiosk on the beach including beverages and many types of food for all guests (an informal lunch). Beach soccer can be played at Leme Beach.


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