Moscow: 4 Day Itinerary

Category: Culture, Europe

Feb 2020 | posted by Tourism Portfolio

Be inspired by one of Tsar Events suggested itineraries for 4 days in Moscow with a focus on history, food and being active.

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Travel with Purpose

Category: Culture, Asia

Mar 2020 | posted by Tourism Portfolio

Increasingly there is interest to incorporate good-will and sustainability into programs of travel. India is a destination that has a number of activities that will leave a lasting impact with attendees.

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Less than 90 minutes from the city

Category: Venues, Australia

Feb 2020 | posted by Tourism Portfolio

Supporting Regional Tourism: we've put together a useful guide to our regional properties who fortunately remain unaffected by recent fires and are ready to welcome visitors.

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Insiders Guide to Queenstown

Category: Adventure, New Zealand

Jan 2020 | posted by Tourism Portfolio

Together with HQ New Zealand, Tourism Portfolio recently hosted a trip to Queenstown. Browse the group's favourite venues, activities and hotels, plus, enjoy the amazing scenery!

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Asia by the water

Category: Beach, Asia

Dec 2019 | posted by Tourism Portfolio

From frequented favourites to the up-and-coming, discover the best of Asia’s beach side locations and waterways. We’re certainly ready to possibly get our feet wet for these special experiences!

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Palace, Museum or Church?

Category: Venues, Europe

Nov 2019 | posted by Tourism Portfolio

Europe is home to many spectacular venues, making a decision for a gala dinner can be difficult! We've picked a few of our favourite and most unique locations that tell the stories of their locations.

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For the Sports Lover

Category: Sports, Worldwide

Oct 2019 | posted by Tourism Portfolio

Across the world there are some amazing opportunities to attend sporting events or visit historic sports venues - just waiting to be included in incentive programs!

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Foodie Experiences Northern Europe

Category: Food, Europe

Sep 2019 | posted by Tourism Portfolio

Best known for the spectacular scenery of fjords, glaciers and the stunning Northern Lights, the Northern countries of Europe also have some unique culinary experiences not to be missed in their city metropolis’.

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